Skin Tags

If you are worried about the soft hanging pieces of akin from your body, then do not worry as they are harmless growths of skin commonly found among people. Known as skin tags, they are bits of kin that often grow in the groin, armpits and other parts of the body. Although their exact cause is not known, they are found among both men and women People suffering from obesity; diabetes and old age are found to be more prone to skin tags.

Medically, they are called as Acrochordon and are considered to be small benign skin tissues protruding from the skin surface. In some rare cases, they may occur in large numbers all over the body. Although they're considered to be entirely harmless, still many people want to go for skin tags removal methods to improve their appearance. Also, it has been proven through various research studies that skin tags occurrence leads to stress, anxiety and embarrassment among people who have them. They appear as small pieces of tissues, generally of the same color as that of the skin. They protrude from the skin as fleshy growths and are generally of small size, but they can also grow as large as 5 cm in some rare cases.

There is lot of misconceptions that removing skin tags will lead to more of them growing back. The truth is that they are not infectious and do not have a seed that makes them grow back alter on. They are benign tumors which are harmless but in some cases, they can become cancerous and prove to be dangerous. Skin tags removal is a simple procedure and can be performed by a doctor through both surgical and non-surgical methods. Surgical methods include cutting them which is usually quick and painless. Any bleeding can be stopped easily as it is not very much. Non-surgical methods include burning them or using lasers but it can damage surrounding skin. Another method of freezing them through liquid nitrogen can cause discoloration of skin. Skin tags can be removed at home also, but they should be avoided due to fear of infection and rare chance that it may be cancerous. This can only be identified at specialized centers such s Redefining Youth Med Spa.

At Redefining Youth Med Spa, skin tags removal is possible that too with assured results. Unlike other Med Spa where you can expect limited services only that is not the case with Redefining Youth Med Spa. With specialization in offering a number of services and with track record of benefitting an end number of people it is sure to get solution to your skin tags problem with complete satisfaction. So don’t let skin tags a problem anymore, consult Redefining Youth Med Spa today!

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