Some people like freckles, especially with red hair, but most of the people don’t like them. Freckles are small dark marks found on the skin and may cause irritation. They can also be a source of ridicule as some people don’t like teased about their freckles. Their treatment requires time and patience as it is a long process.

Freckles appear as dark spots on the body as skin pigmentation increases in certain areas. Depending on the skin color, they appear in a variety of colors ranging from the light brown or tan to yellow or red. They appear dark when compared to the surrounding skin and may disappear during winter season. Freckles are generally harmless, but may prove to be dangerous when exposed to sunlight for long periods, as it makes them more prominent and may even cause skin cancer. They are primarily of two types, Ephelides and Lengtigines. Ephelides are of light color and are generally inherited from parents. They are common among red haired people and fade during the winters. Lengtigines are of dark color and never fade.

Freckles removal can be tried through many ways:

Prescription retinoid prescribed by dermatologists Liquid nitrogen application freezes and lightens the freckles Using bleaching agents to make the freckles appear as normal skin but it may act otherwise and change the color of the surrounding skin A more modern treatment through laser has become popular as it has proven to very effective and can treat even very small spots which other conventional procedures are not able to do so. The treatment works by passing laser beams over the affected area with dark skin spots being removed by the laser rays.

Hence, of all the above mentioned treatments and procedures, laser treatment is the most effective method of freckles removal. Unlike other treatments which cause severe discomfort, permanent skin damage and long recovery periods, laser treatment at specialized centers such as Redefining Youth offers results with complete satisfaction.

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