Black/White moles

Do you want to know about what is the dark spot on your grandparent’s skin?
Are you worried about the acne problem and small bumps appearing on your skin?
Do you want to know why so many bumps are appearing on your parents faces which were smaller earlier and keep growing with age?

All these are nothing but moles which are harmless skin growths of flat or protruding nature. They come in a variety of colors but generally appear as black or white. Everyone has moles, with some people having more than others. They develop from melanocytes which are skin cells that produce skin pigmentation. Moles are the most common form of skin growth and can develop at any age. For people affected with moles, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause the moles to grow larger in size, making them more prominent. Even more new moles may appear, and hence, sun should be avoided and skin tanning should not be performed. Although moles are generally harmless and benign, but in some cases can prove to be very dangerous and can cause skin cancer and therefore it is important to seek Black/White moles removal as early as possible.

Moles can be treated through various means:

  • Benign moles are removed only for cosmetic purposes through excision or excision with cauterization. Excision involves just cutting and stitching whereas Excision with Cauterization involves burning of the mole by using special tools.
  • Homeopathic treatment where person as a whole is treated as per his/her condition. The treatment may differ from person to person and hence, should be undertaken only under professional supervision.
  • Laser treatment is the most easiest to undertake as the procedure is a simple procedure performed through silk touch laser.

So above mentioned are few ways through which Black/White moles removal is possible.

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